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Kinetica Studios delivers research & consulting services
and mobile technology

Research and Consulting

Kinetica Studios delivers research & consulting services and mobile technology solutions for all companies that need product differentiation in order to get better market share and wider product acceptance. Such services help to increase competitiveness in the quickly developing, global economic arena in accordance with the latest technology and changing market needs. Kinetica Studios's professional services help the customer take advantage of market opportunities before others will even see them.

Kinetica Studios experts enter projects with deep, immediate understanding of both business and technological challenges - which translates into a more innovative, cost-efficient and reliable mobile product enterprise customer.

Content Delivery Platform

Designed to provide easy content management, Content Delivery Platform delivers end-user with a state-of-the-art mobile entertainment experience in form of digital content such as ringtones, pictures, animations, mobile games, music tracks, video clips and other downloadable content.

As an end-to-end solution for presentation, delivery and management of digital content to mobile handsets, Content Delivery Platform encompass all essential components required for the efficient operation of a wireless content business. By optimizing the mobile user experience, Content Delivery Platform helps to increase revenues and compete more efficiency while building stronger brands.

Interactive Voice Response

If you want to ensure that your project is flawlessly executed and your investment protected, you need to have access to all the right resources, a team of experts who take responsibility for around the clock service and a flawless technology infrastructure.

The success of your IVR project is our # 1 priority; we will guarantee that you are fully satisfied.

Your investment will be protected by entrusting your IVR project to a team of experts.

Custom Development

Custom mobile application development is one of the core strengths of Kinetica Studios. Our consultants and developers provide full-cycle services from research-based consulting to custom made product development.

In Kinetica Studios, we believe that any mobile software project is possible. We have the knowledge, skills and expertise to develop any custom software solution, whether you require development of a complete high level or low level mobile application, application component or an application integration.

Mobile App Development

Our development team offers world-class mobile application development services, targeting the Android (and iOS) platforms and high performance service application.

Our main weapons for development includes Java, PHP, C++, and Objective-C
We have a quick, iterative approach to building simple yet elegant solutions that meet our clients goals.